Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year Coin Cookies

Price: @Rp.50.000

Size : 7,5cm tinggi 10cm (Cookies: 3cm)

AngelsCake-2013-0052 AngelsCake-2013-0053








Chinese Boy and Girl Cookies

Size : 6cm

Price : @Rp.12.500

CNY Smile 01






Kue Kering Klasik

Nastar @Rp.90.000

Butter Cookies @Rp.70.000

Kastangel @Rp.70.000

Sagu Keju @Rp.65.000

Packaging dengan kain tile dan pita extra charge Rp.20.000

Packaging dengan Box Mika dan pita extra charge Rp.50.000

CNY Butter Cookies CNY Nastar CNY Sagu Keju


Classic Cake

Lapis Legit 20×20 cm Rp.380.000

Lapis Surabaya 20x20cm Rp. 225.000

Lapis Surabaya 24x24cm Rp. 420.000

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